[wp_ad_camp_1]An Eldorado gun drill is highly recommended by experts. I for one had already experience and seen just how their gun drill works. As expected, Eldorado only uses the best and strongest materials available. Gun drilling is an important task for most DIY and construction projects. Using a bad quality gun drill will only cause damages and repairing them will only cause us more money. This is why I have never regretted buying a gun drill from them. I still have my gun drill that I got many years ago and it still functions well.


Eldorado has been making gun drills and other tools for many years now. The company is one of the leading groups in this field. Aside from making tools, they also manufacture accessories that go along their gun drills. They also offer a 24/7 delivery system in many areas. Customers are also encouraged to use this delivery system to order customized drilling tools.

Life Expectancy Of Eldorado Gun Drill

Eldorado manufacture high quality tools. With this said, expect their tools to last for a couple of years. However, I take extra good care of my drilling tools to extend their life even more. Taking care of them involves cleaning them and constantly checking the tool for damages. I also make sure to keep the gun drill on a location where it can’t get wet or exposed to high temperature.

How To Drill Holes With Eldorado Gun Drill

Before I use my gun drill, I first make sure that the battery is charged or if I am using a non-cordless type, to connect it to the proper power outlet. After this, I choose the right bit needed in the project. Installing the bit on the collar can either be done manually or with the aid of a chuck key. Once secured, the drilling can now be started. At first, I lightly pull the trigger and give the tool a slight push. The drill will then do its job and sooner or later, a perfect hole will appear.



  • Never forcefully push the drill into the hole. Allow the bit to first remove some of the debris. Pushing it hard will only damage the drill and crack the surface of the material.
  • Always remember to secure the bit tightly to the gun drill. If this is not done properly, the bit will spin out of its collar and may cause damage and injuries.
  • Once the hole you are looking for is achieved, carefully remove the bit from the hole by spinning it a little bit while slowly pulling the gun drill. Giving it a little spin will prevent the bit from getting stuck and damaging the polished sides.

Although Eldorado manufactures durable gun drills, we still need to know how to properly use and take good care of them. If the wrong bit is installed or the drill is not properly used, the hole may come out as odd looking and unpolished. In the end, the performance of Eldorado gun drill still depends on how we handle the tool.[wp_ad_camp_2]